Oxyhives Review

If you’re suffering from hives then this OxyHives review is for you.

I bought this product from www.OxyHives.com around 6 weeks ago and it has worked even better than I expected.

In this post I’m going to tell share my results and tell you my story.

Update: The OxyHives reviews by other people who used to suffer from hives.

Hives can come about for a hundred different reasons.

Personally, I had never had hives in my life until I turned 24 years a couple of months ago.

After my birthday I realized that I was getting way to fat and I needed to start doing some exercise to lose weight.

So, I bought this home workout program called “Insanity” which is basically an intense cardio program that really gets you sweating and burning calories.

I was so excited to get started so I put the DVD in and did my first workout.

About 20 minutes after my workout I suddenly became very itchy on my side.

I looked down and my entire right side was red and swollen.

I put some e45 cream on in and some moisturizer but they did nothing.

By morning the redness and swelling had gone but it came back again after exercising.

To cut a long story short I discovered that I had hives that had come about from exercise induced stress.

Apparently when you exercise it can release histamines because your body is under stress which can cause the hives.

To be honest I’m not exactly sure about the science, all I knew was that I had hives and it was a problem.

So, after looking around on the internet I discovered a product called OxyHives that had some good reviews.

It was pretty cheap for a 30 day supply so I decided to give it a try and it arrived very quickly.

It’s basically a liquid that you spray under your tongue 2-3 times per day.

I believe that the ingredients are powerful antihistamines that help to get rid of the hives if you have them as well as prevent you from getting them.

So does OxyHives actually work?

My OxyHives Results

To put it to the test I sprayed it under my tongue before my workout and went and got all sweaty.

On the first day I did get some hives after my workout but they weren’t as red as usual.

I sprayed again after my workout and again at about 6pm and by about 6:30pm the hives were completely gone.

Usually they will stick around until I wake up in the morning so this was a positive sign that the medication was working.

I continued to use the OxyHives spray 3 times per day and to my surprise it worked great as a preventative measure because after about a week I stopped getting hives altogether.

I would workout and there would be no hives afterwards!

Here are some pictures. By the way, I know I’m overweight so don’t laugh. 🙂

The left picture shows the right side of my body after a workout before I started using OxyHives.

And the right picture shows the right side of my body after a workout but this time I had been using OxyHives for about a week.

No hives!

I’ve been using this product for the last 6 weeks and haven’t suffered from hives once.

Before I started using it I had horrible itchy redness after every workout but now I don’t so I can conclude that OxyHives works and I would recommend giving it a try if you’re suffering from hives yourself.

Warning! Make sure you purchase from the official website at www.OxyHives.com and not Amazon because I’ve heard there are fakes being sold on Amazon.

OxyHives Reviews


What Is OxyHives And How Does It Work?

It’s basically a liquid that you spray under your tongue to help combat hives.

If you have hives right now then you will find that the spray help them to go away much faster than usual.

My hives used to take 18-24 hours to calm down but after using this they are gone in about 8 hours.

The best way to use OxyHives in my opinion is as a preventative measure by using the spray even if you don’t have hives at the moment.

Since I’ve been using the spray every day even when I don’t have hives I find that it stops me getting them completely.

Hives tend to come from some kind of allergic reaction or stress where your body produces an excess of histamines.

The ingredients within OxyHives are basically powerful antihistamines that help to get rid of the histamines and block them from occurring.

I’m no scientist but somehow it really does work.

Questions About OxyHives

How do you use it? You just spray it under your tongue 2-3 times per day.

Is it safe? Yes, I did not notice any negative side effects and I haven’t read about any either.

How long does it take to work? I think it gets to work right away. You should see your hives fade fast and then keep on using it to make sure they never come back!

Should You Buy OxyHives?

If you have hives then you should definitely give it a try.

It worked for me and many others and I haven’t read many negative reviews about it.

It works fast and I’m thankful I found it because since using it I haven’t had hives at all and lord knows the itching was unbearable so I hope I never get them again and I hope it works for you too!

If you’re suffering right now then give OxyHives a try from www.OxyHives.com because it works.

If you have used OxyHives or have any questions about it then leave a comment below!

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